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Winter 2014

Three, two, one... we have liftoff! Our latest adventures have answered Frank Sinatra’s request: We’ve now finally flown to the moon.

Along our intergalactic voyage, we caught up with Columbia astronomy professor Arlin Crotts on his findings about the moon. And we learned the easy way to pursue luxury space travel from Sir Richard Branson and his ambitious Virgin Galactic program. While playing among the stars, we also discovered—and confirmed—the long-rumored Moon Museum.

Catching a shooting star, we next managed a lightspeed lift back to earth in time for our meeting with Rainer Judd, who shared her views on the permanent art installations in Marfa, Texas.

Speaking of heat, our next stop along route Fairweather brought us back to New York City, where we caught up with environmental activist Laura Turner Seydel. After a busy week of travel, we decided to unwind in the Hamptons with celebrity lifestylist Samantha Ettus. And of course there’s no place we’d rather spend a night than Bridgehampton’s lovely Topping Rose House.

As we head back to the station, it’s time to hit the ignition switch once again as we blast off for another amazing adventure!

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