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A Day in LA (If You've Been There Before)

Mable Yiu

Oh, LA. You are so beautiful.

New York winters are harsh...for west coast transplants. Not because of the cold, but because it's just not the same—there's so much space. For those looking for a quick end of winter trip to LA, with options other than going to the beach everyday or seeing the Hollywood sign, read on. 

Photo courtesy of Chicken or the Egg

9:30 am : Breakfast at The Chicken or the Egg

This spacious LA eatery makes for a quick breakfast to fuel up and get your day started. If you're looking for a slow serviced brunch, this may not be for you, but for fast and friendly service, The Chicken or the Egg is the place. Their menu offers both comfort food and typical brunch options like crispy chicken sandwiches, maple brussels sprouts, sweet potato waffle fries and avocado toast. Pair your meal with some Stumptown coconut cold brew and you're good to go.

11 am :  View the Broad Museum's latest contemporary art exhibitions

If you love going to museums and have already been to the Getty, the Broad is the cool place to visit. They opened their doors recently in September 2015, and have a very impressive collection (think Warhol, Lichtenstein, Kelly, Rauschenberg and Twombly). It is also the current home for Yayoi Kusama's Infinity Mirrored Room, so make sure to check it out before the installation ends in October. Things to note: 1) the museum does offer free general admission, but it's faster to reserve tickets in advance and 2) it is closed on Mondays.

3 pm : Optional snack at Platform

At this point, we were still pretty full from our breakfast at The Chicken or the Egg, but there are plenty of places to pick up a snack at Platform, since we are headed there anyways. Between Sweetgreen, Blue Bottle Coffee, Roberta's Pizza, and The Cannibal—you'll be sure to find a little something for everyone. 

4:30 pm : Discover fun household objects and stationery at Poketo

If you like art and pretty things in general, you'll fall in love with Poketo's light and plant-filled location at Platform. They're all about "art for your everyday," which we love, and offer really great price points. They've collaborated with cool brands and artists such as HAY, Casetify, Atelier Bingo, and Dusen Dusen to create unique and functional accessories. Now we'll just wait for them to open a store in New York...

6:30 pm : Dinner Options

After some shopping, it's time to get some dinner. With so many choices in LA, you're bound to find something you're craving at the moment. We'd recommend Gjelina for some of the best wood-fired pizza, République for French bistro vibes in an eye-catching space, or Coni'Seafood in Inglewood, which specializes in Mexican seafood (and happens to be near LAX).

So there you go—a day in LA. Now that you've absorbed enough Vitamin D to last you through the rest of winter, it's time to head back to New York, which is a pretty cool city, too. 

By Mable Yiu

Photos courtesy of Mable Yiu, Chicken or the Egg and Poketo.