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High Class Luxury At High Altitudes

Emily Allen

Sergey Petrossov, founder of JetSmarter, has recently made headlines with the first semi-private flight to London. We caught up with him and asked him a few questions. 

How and when did your passion for aviation begin?

My background is in tech start-ups, and in 2009 I began flying private after selling my first IT Company and quickly came to realize that the private jet industry was very archaic; its brick and mortar process of picking up the phone, waiting hours and speaking to numerous different people in order to charter a jet was outdated and inconvenient. In 2012, I spoke to the carriers I had established relationships with and discussed how large of an impact an app to charter a private plane would have on the industry. In August 2012, I made it a reality and created the beta version of JetSmarter, sharing it with an exclusive group of industry experts and frequent private jet users. In March 2013, JetSmarter launched globally.

What sets JetSmarter apart from other private jet experiences?

We’re a member’s only service, and we’ve not only lowered the cost for entering into private aviation, but we’ve fundamentally rewired the marketplace, reinvented an industry for the on-demand economy, and made private jet travel more accessible for consumers. We offer a unique business model unlike any other private jet venture, as no one else has services like we offer such as our JetDeals, JetShuttles and JetCharter. The breakdown of each service is as follows:

JetShuttle: Shared private jet flights; members can search for and book a seat on an already scheduled route.

JetCharter: Members can customize and create their own charter flights. Within this option, they can book an entire jet to themselves, or create a “shared charter” flight, which allows them to purchase individual seats, that are then opened up into the shuttle section of the app, therefore creating a shared flight.

JetDealsExclusive one-way flights on private jets, where members can book a flight to a new destination city daily. 

What are the perks of a shared private flight?

Our typical user is anyone from entrepreneurs growing their business to real estate brokers traveling from city to city making deals. With JetSmarter, our members are able to share a private jet with like-minded individuals for an entire flight – a lot of our members have made business deals and even lasting friendships just from using our services.

Can you tell us what we can expect on a typical JetSmarter flight?

Members are able to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride as every flight is on a luxurious and spacious private jet.

Why is London such an exciting new development in JetSmarter’s repertoire?

We’ve seen a high demand for our JetShuttle service in Europe, especially in the London area. For us, it only made sense to connect our two most popular regions with a convenient JetShuttle, so we’re launching a New York to London route with the first flight set to take off on August 26. Members already have access to several flights out of London to other parts of Europe including Nice, Ibiza, Milan, Moscow, Paris, and Geneva.

How has the shared private flight transformed the face of flying?

We’ve been able to lower the entry cost to fly private significantly. We’ve partnered with 800+ carriers across the globe and offer around 4,000 free flights each month to our members who have access to these flights daily. Our JetShuttle routes, which is our shared flight option, were purposely created between the most popular and traveled cities within the U.S., Europe and Middle East to make flying private easier and more convenient. Members are able to book a seat on a scheduled flight with other members heading to the same destination, which allows for a great networking opportunity with other like-minded individuals 36,000 feet in the air.

What are some of your favorite places to jet off to?

My all-time favorite cities to visit are New York, Singapore, London, and Dubai.

How can we be a part of this great experience?

You must be a member in order to use this service, out of our different membership tiers, we offer our members a variety of savvy options to fit their travel needs. In addition to travel, our membership also includes 24/7 customer support, as well as access to JetSmarter’s Concierge Service, provided by the Member Experiences Team, which provides clients with a variety of services including hotel accommodations, exotic car rentals, access to exclusive events, premium tables at fine restaurants, and much more.

By Emily Allen

Photos courtesy of JetSmarter