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Return to Romance

Emily Allen

The craft of engraving dates back to the 16th century. The printing style, with its distinctive raised surfaces and sharp defnition, is synonymous with high style. How does the process work? When working with the renowned stationery and invitation company Mrs John L Strong, you get to choose from one of their 400 house motifs or work with their design team to create a custom monogram or motif for their bespoke stationery. Next, the design is sent to an engraver, where text is typeset by computer in the lettering style selected by the customer, reproduced as a flm negative, then placed on a metal plate. The plate is dipped in acid and the exposed surface is chemically etched. The next step is “die-stamping,” the process of transferring ink to paper from an engraved die, with each color of ink selected requiring a separate engraving plate and a separate pass through the press. If it sounds like a highly skilled, arduous process, it is: And that is why engraved invitations communicate the air of distinction they are known for. 

By Alexandra Fairweather

Photos courtesy of Mrs John L Strong

Dinosaur Designs Moss Collection

Emily Allen

Established in 1985 by power couple Louise Olsen and Stephen Ormandy, Dinosaur Designs offers jewelry and homeware inspired by different aspects of the natural world. The brand has grown organically from the shared, sustainable design philosophy of the two Australian artists, and has extended to a total of eight different branches in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, London, and New York. Collections are released biannually, and each piece is hand-sculpted in their Sydney studio.

The brand’s most recent collection, Mossis evocative of the “dewy undergrowth of an autumn morning,” and will be available in New York, London, and online stores on August 15, 2016 - just in time for fall. The collection offers continuity of the concept behind the brand, focusing on color and form and drawing inspiration from earth, rocks, and flowers. Unique to the collection are castings in shades of green and dark horn swirl, with added accents of gold and brass to create soothing, balanced hues. Moss features pieces “rendered in shapes that connect directly with nature,” like the new organic ball necklaces and earrings inspired by dewdrops, and paperweights that parallel the contours of smooth stones.

By Sydney Hartzell

Photos Courtesy of Dinosaur Designs

Marimekko AW16 Interior Collection

Emily Allen

Although summer is already underway, designers everywhere are looking ahead towards the fall. In the world of art, home décor, and of course fashion, one must constantly be ahead of the rest and continuously innovating. One such designer, Scandinavian house Marimekko, has done just that and debuted its new AW16 Interior Home Collection.

 What began in Finland, 1949 as one creative’s dream soon sprouted into an internationally recognized brand. This brand has stood for creativity and invention ever since their first printed fabric was conceived. After conquering the fashion world with bold and bright patterns, Marimekko dove into the world of home décor with the same mindset regarding simplistic designs and eye-catching patterns. Marimekko has consistently created new, fresh, and fun designs and this fall home collection is no exception.

Done in dark, neutral and rich tones, the designs of pillows, bowls, and even aprons look extremely luxe. The simple, round shape of plates and mugs are offset by their interesting designs, such as Unikko (the rebel flower), which helped to further the popularity of the brand in the 1960s. This new collection also features additions like candlestick holders, faux-fur pillows, printed cork place mats, and leather-handled serving dishes among their already beloved pieces. While furnishing a home in all Marimekko would make for a really vibrant space, even just one Marimekko piece can make a bold statement in a home, especially if it is a colorful accent to an otherwise neutral home. 

Even though autumn seems years away, it's a good idea to begin the hunt now for décor and accessories that will make your home feel like a truly welcoming space. These and other affordable and interesting Marimekko pieces can be found online at as well as in select retail and Marimekko flagship stores! 

By Kat Jones

Photos Courtesy of Marimekko

House Hunting in the Hamptons

Emily Allen

Images: 165 Soundview, 466 Further, 100 Crescent

When the city becomes too hot to handle, New Yorkers retreat to homes, resorts, and timeshares in the Hamptons. This close-to-home paradise boasts some of the most gorgeous and private estates in the country, many of which have just gone on the market. If you happen to stop by the Hamptons this summer or you are looking for an amazing home to buy, check out a few of the most illustrious properties on sale now.

Traveling through Montauk, you may stumble upon the first house on this list: 125 Soundview Drive. From the outside, this estate looks calm and serene with its weathered siding and white trim, but opening the door leads you into the most colorful home in the Hamptons. The interior completely juxtaposes the traditional beach house exterior with its vibrant, fun colors and modern furnishings. Selling for $5.85 million, Soundview Drive includes amenities such as 6 bedrooms- all done in a different neon color, 4 en-suites, 7.5 bathrooms, a wine cellar, an indoor ping pong room, and a relaxing outdoor pool space. This home is certainly made for entertaining with its fun indoor environment and luxurious resort-like backyard; it’s the kind of home which calls for a margarita in your hand at all times.

Keeping in theme with the home for entertainers is this next listing, 100 Crescent Ave in Water Mill South. This modern home features the only rooftop tennis court in the Hamptons which is perfect for those who want to play for fun or show off their skills in an all-out tournament. 100 Crescent Ave was also just chosen this year to be the “2016 Holiday Hamptons Showhouse”. The 2-acre property backs up to water with both gorgeous Mecox Bay and ocean views and a private dock. With seven bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, and an outdoor space with an infinity pool, this home boasts over 13,000 square feet of living space. If you’re in the market for this home of $17.9 million, make sure to have a pretty extensive guest list always on hand.

Unfortunately, two other amazing Hamptons homes that were on the market have just been sold. The first, a $2.5 million home in East Hampton that was owned by Sandy Gallin, the talent manager of both Michael Jackson and Dolly Parton, features a picturesque backyard of manicured shrubs and a large pool. The other home which is sadly in contract is a major part of Hamptons history, having been built in 1897. That estate, “Shorebluff”, is comprised of 9 acres, 3 buildings and includes a private 250 ft. space of the Peconic Bay beach. The summer has already begun, so if you are still hunting for that perfect Hamptons home, be sure to make some calls fast or miss your chance at these luxurious getaways!

Learn more at:

By Kathryn Jones

Photos Courtesy of Douglas Elliman Real Estate.

What’s in our bag?

Mable Yiu

This summer, we’re sticking to the essentials when it comes to packing our purse. We’ve swapped our boring winter bag for a bright, fun tote and filled it with everything needed for a busy day in the city. 

Hottie Tottie: Our staple beverage of choice—perfect for sipping during those sweltering New York City summers

Notebook: You never know when inspiration may strike!

Sunglasses: Every girl’s number one essential for the summertime

Lip Gloss: We’re obsessed with this beautiful cherry-red shade

Nail Polish: Perfect for quick touch ups on the go!

Hand Lotion: We love the delicious raspberry and blackberry scent

Watch: Purely for style purposes—to match the bag, of course!

By Kim Chmura

Photo by @themarcystop.

The Pure Yoga Experience

Mable Yiu

Yogis everyone can rejoice in Pure Yoga, a members only club offering one of the best yoga experiences in New York. As Pure’s mission statement decrees, they “empower seekers to create their new yoga body and mind,” as well as to “elevate tradition for a yoga experience unlike any other.” 

The Pure Yoga experience is made unique by its fusion classes, world renowned instructors, unparalleled class schedule, and luxury accommodations. Pure offers a variety of interdisciplinary classes, such as Figure 4 barre, a yoga that incorporates dance technique, and PXT, a cardio based yoga that targets each and every muscle group. Pure also offers a range of yoga styles, including vinyasa and ashtanga, in both regular flow and hot flow classes. 

Renowned instructors teach all of these classes, and Pure’s commitment to the best instructors extends further. It hosts numerous events that feature globally recognized leaders in yoga in order to offer its clients the best yoga in the world. Additionally, Pure hosts intensive workshops to improve yoga techniques, as well as a variety of exclusive retreats to center and find the inner peace to strengthen the practice. 

Pure’s class offerings are almost as extensive as it’s instructors’ expertise. Across its its two locations, one on the Upper West Side of Manhattan and the other on the Upper East Side, Pure Yoga offers over 350 classes a week. This extensive number ensures that all members can find time for fitness, no matter how busy their schedule. 

If Pure’s convenient schedules and locations did not already place it at the forefront of luxury yoga, it’s accommodations do. The Pure locations feature eco-friendly facilities, which allows for a mind, body, and spirit commitment to oneself and one’s world. Additonally, the locker rooms feature steam rooms, sprawling showers, towel service, and products provided by Kiehl’s. 

Yoga studios are many, but yoga studios this luxurious are few. Pure Yoga upholds the highest standards in both yoga practice and fitness experience. 

By Emily Allen

Photos courtesy of Pure Yoga.

Summer at the Surf Lodge

Mable Yiu

The Surf Lodge was opened in 1967 and since then, has been catering to both the local and international communities with unparalleled amenities and service. Located in Montauk, this summer getaway goes beyond simply offering its guests relaxation, but rather offers a complete luxury experience through the arts. Both local and international artists contribute to The Surf Lodge with music, cuisine, and more. The Surf Lodge also caters to its guest’s health not only through its organic restaurant but also through its many wellness programs.

This summer, this Montauk favorite will immerse its visitors in a complete sensory experience with its non-stop variety of events. Particularly in 2016, The Surf Lodge will host a concert series, various art collaborations, wellness weekends and more.

The unique summer concert series at The Surf Lodge will begin on May 21 and end during the first week of September. This series includes several musicians who are also co-presented by Governor's Ball, allowing fans more opportunities to see their favorite artists this summer. The Surf Lodge’s concert series features both DJ’s as well as Indy artists and Top 40 bands, catering to its guest's varied tastes while always remaining exciting. After partying the night away at an amazing concert, these guests can wake up to a relaxing Yoga class or the heart-pumping Beach Boot camp every weekend morning.

While these classes are standard most weekends at The Surf Lodge, summer 2016 features appearances by fitness gurus and celebrity trainers like Jordan Bach and Tracey Anderson. Curated by Wellness Director Tara Curran, this summer at The Surf Lodge will be filled with opportunities for a more healthy and happy vacation. During the day, guests can relax by the water, stroll through the town of Montauk, or visit pop-up shops like Rosario Dawson and Abrima Erwiah’s pop-up Studio 189 during the Memorial Day weekend as well as many others throughout the summer.

Finally, summer 2016 will feature several art collaborations with artists like Agathe Snow, Scott Campbell, Nate Lowman, and Faile. This summer at The Surf Lodge will be an all-encompassing vacation like no other. The local and small feel of the actual hotel, mixed with the internationally loved collaborators, is sure to make this summer in Montauk unique. Book a room soon to take advantage of these amazing collaborations and much more.

By Kat Jones

Photos courtesy of The Surf Lodge.

Q&A with Kathryn McCoy

Mable Yiu

By Emily Allen

Where did your inspiration for this unique design style come from?

My inspiration comes from a combination of nature itself and high-fashion design; mixing and intertwining two elements into one. Conceptually, my desire is to take a hard surface and give it fluid and motion; as a result, the two elements of hardness and fluidity work together as one in a finished product. For example, when I am designing a new lamp or piece of furniture, I want the piece to feel organic as if it came from nature itself, while at the same time, I want the design to look like a piece of art that can be utilized in the space for which it was intended to be seen.

Who were/are your design influences? 

As an Artist/Designer, I am influenced by many different aspects in the art/design world; looking at the rock sculptures done previously by artists like Picasso or looking at the construction of a jacket designed by Christian LaCroix can have a profound influence on how I build a base in which to apply my natural stones. For example, looking at a beautiful waterfall or a modern structural building has also influenced my design concepts when I create products.

Was your crystal concept your original vision, or did this aesthetic develop over time?

The original concept and vision was offered to me (and, my former business partner), when we were challenged to create a gift item made out of Brazilian Quartz stone for one of the high-end luxury retail chains; hence, the "original" quartz votive was created and made as a result over 20 years ago.

You make your commitment to excellence and client satisfaction very evident. What does this commitment to excellence and satisfaction mean to you?

As a business owner, I am well aware of the importance of doing and honoring what your agreement is with every customer that purchases one of our products. We follow through on doing what we say we are going to do - no excuses. We stand by our commitment to excellence at KATHRYN MCCOY and we do our best not let any products ship out to our wonderful customers without first passing our quality control criteria test.  

Can you tell us what each of your four essential words - natural, beautiful, pure, and seductive - mean to you and your work?

When trying to conjure up a way to express the feeling, the emotion, if you will, to best describe my products, I felt that these four "essential words" fit what we were trying to express. Our products are called "natural," because they truly come from nature and we do not alter or change the natural stones in any way. If the stone does not have a natural point, we do not create one. Our products are called "beautiful," because they areGod's gift of beauty to the earth; the colors of the stones are unique and one of a kind. Our products are called "pure," because the rock crystals are simply taken from the earth -- you can't get more pure than that. Our products are "seductive," because they mesmerize you and tease you with their beauty.  They help to create a sexy, seductive environment.

What is it about the crystals that most appeals to buyers? 

The fact that they are so natural and beautiful.  Many buyers are drawn to their seemingly healing powers and others just love the way they bring natural energy into an environment.

Is each piece one of a kind? If so, how does this impact your design and production process?

Each piece is one of a kind in the sense that no two stones are alike, so it makes each piece unique and special. In the production process, the bases are all the same size and shape, but when the stones are attached, each piece becomes unique because of the stone angles and the way light dances across the stones do make each piece unique. 

Where do the materials for the crystals come from? Do their places of origin differ depending on the type of crystal?

The stones that I purchase come from all over the world. For example, my clear quartz, amethyst, rose quartz, and Citrine come from Brazil.  My rubies and garnets come from India, my calcites come from Mexico, and my golden pyrite comes from Peru. My selenite, Aragonite, and desert rose comes from Morocco. Some of my stones come from Madagascar, Turkey,  Africa, and the like. Essentially, where I can purchase beautiful stones, I purchase them.

How do you keep the balance between nature and art?

My balance comes from designing my stones around a base that allows for the organic stones to flow as if nature itself created the base or the structure; the "art" is a part of that combination of base and stone together forming the shape.

The beauty of your pieces lies in their versatility, but is there a quintessential room or space that the KATHRYN MCCOY piece lives?

Versatility is the key; the KATHRYN MCCOY pieces have been placed as chandeliers in Hotels like the Mandarin, walls of stone adorning office lobby's and foyers, furniture placed in traditional homes, as well as, modern spaces, lamps, votives, bookends, jewelry boxes and the like placed randomly and purposefully in bedrooms, bathrooms, dining rooms, show-houses and the like. Any piece that I design can be translated and inducted into any location depending on the vision of my buyer. 

Where can we buy KATHRYN MCCOY pieces now? Where will see them in the future?

KATHRYN MCCOY pieces are sold to over 500 retail stores and high-end interior designers worldwide. To name a few, one can view our pieces at Bergdorf Goodman, Neiman Marcus, Between the Sheets, William Eubanks in Palm Beach, Richard Mishaan in New York City, Urban Flower Grange Hall in Dallas, Wynns Home Store in Las Vagas, and countless other stores through out the United States including France, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Dubai and Saudi Arabia.

Are there any other projects or ventures on the horizon for KATHRYN MCCOY design? 

Currently, I am working on beautiful furniture for the dining room, bedroom and living room area. I am also designing reception desks for high-end hotels and display tables for hi-end specialty stores. Along with wall panels in various stone choices for industrial and living space locations. At KATHRYN MCCOY, we are very excited about our growth and development as we move forward into 2016!


Photos by York Wilson for KATHRYN MCCOY.

Perfect NYC Venues for Your Perfect Day

Mable Yiu

New York City has been the home of picture-perfect weddings for centuries. Depicted in cinema, television, and art, this city has captured the imaginations and hearts of wedding dreamers with its multitude of unique neighborhoods and atmospheres. Any bride or groom could find perfection in this city if they only knew where to look. Here, I have compiled a list of six unique wedding venues around the city (including its boroughs) sure to compliment any couple’s taste. If you are ready to say, “I do” in the Big Apple, say it in style!

Elevated Acre

Photos Courtesy of RogersPartners Architects

Photos Courtesy of RogersPartners Architects

One of my favorite hidden gems in the Financial District, this elevated one-acre plot of land boasts gorgeous uninhibited views of the Hudson River. In the summer, you can find people on their lunch breaks eating and drinking at the beer garden, lounging on the large green lawn, or sitting on wooden benches amongst tall grasses and trees, reminiscent of the urban garden of the High Line. Perfect for a sunset wedding and reception, this venue is removed from the hustle and bustle of the city while still very much having that urban backdrop. 

New York Botanical Gardens

Photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

Photos courtesy of Wikipedia Commons

This is yet another gorgeous venue that looks straight out of a storybook…or at least Pinterest. The New York Botanical Gardens are located in the South Bronx, just a short car ride from Manhattan or New Jersey. Once you enter the grounds, you are enveloped in millions of flowers, which is a free and perfect fix for those who don’t want to max out their budgets on decorations! Walking further into the gardens, you will stumble upon the pièce de résistance, the Enid A. Haupt Conservatory. The Conservatory is a miniature Crystal Palace and truly evokes the whimsical feeling of being transported into a 19th century English garden. This venue lacks an overwhelmingly urban atmosphere but is perfect for those who live in the city and want a temporary escape. 

The Loeb Boathouse

Photos courtesy of

Photos courtesy of

For those who want their outdoor venue to be in the heart of the city, the Loeb Boathouse of Central Park couldn’t be better. Year-round, this restaurant is a favorite to New York natives and tourists alike and beloved by all. While the food is fantastic, the view is even better: look out onto the most romantic lake in the park where Italian gondola’s and small row boats sail. Even in the winter, this venue is stunning, as the lake becomes a scene of a winter wonderland. For weddings, the boathouse is completely transformed and its deceivingly large rooms can accommodate both the ceremony and the reception to keep the celebration going! 

620 Loft and Garden

Photos courtesy of Rockefeller Center

Photos courtesy of Rockefeller Center

My personal dream venue, this spot can be seen all over top 10 lists, Pinterest, and Tumblr. This rooftop garden at Rockefeller Center is almost too good to be true with its beautiful views of Fifth Ave., including the illustrious St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Though not pictured, there is also an indoor area for a reception that can fit 120 people for a seated dinner. Its outdoor area, complete with pristine gardens and a reflective pool can seat 165 for a ceremony. Though an intimate space, the 620 Loft and garden is truly an oasis on one of the busiest avenues in Manhattan, and again, open year-round for summer, winter, and fall- loving couples. 

Brooklyn Winery

Photos courtesy of the Brooklyn Winery

Photos courtesy of the Brooklyn Winery

A great spot for any weekend date, this Williamsburg restaurant is a fan-favorite of many New Yorkers. The Winery holds weddings of almost 200 guests, a larger venue than many on this list, without compromising that intimate feeling. The best part about this venue is that your entire wedding can be done under one roof! The Winery will host the ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and reception. This place will use its own staff for the entire event, like and in-house chef, waiters, bartenders, and more! For the couple that doesn’t want to fuss over planning, the Brooklyn Winery is the place to be. 

The Plaza Hotel 

Photos courtesy of The Plaza

Photos courtesy of The Plaza

This list certainly wouldn’t be complete without mentioning the ever-amazing Plaza Hotel. This regal venue is timeless and perfect for the couple who is quintessential New York. Opened in 1907, the Plaza Hotel is a New York landmark that just exudes the glamour and elegance of the gilded age. This is yet another venue where your entire wedding can be done. Afterwards, your guests can stay in the lap of luxury in the many gorgeously decorated Plaza suites. The hotel can accommodate huge weddings in either the Grand ballroom that holds 600 to the Terrace ballroom that has a maximum capacity of 500 guests. Any wedding held here would be done to perfection, as the Plaza doesn’t tolerate anything less. Certainly a splurge, but if you want the New York wedding or everyone’s dreams, it is worth it. 

By Kat Jones

First Class Slumber: Savoir Unveils New Designs

Mable Yiu

Savoir unveils its new line of beds, complete with beautiful designs of rose gold, etc. etc. The beds are just as luxurious and sumptuous as they look. 

In light of this new collection, it’s apparent that the Savoir Bed company is no stranger to luxury. The luxury bed design company began in 1905 as a high end custom tailoring factory. It began making beds with the same high class principals and rose to its current prominence upon the purchasing of the Savoy Hotel. Savoy’s star studded guest list, including Frank Sinatra and Winston Churchill, could tout that they were the only ones able to enjoy these amazing sleeping experiences. The Savoy Bedworks became Savoir Beds in 1997, but has continued its production in the same hand-crafted manner since its inception. 

The beds uphold the glamour and glitz of the silver screen days, but maintain clean lines and a modern feel. The company holds a prestigious reputation for the utmost in design and luxury, and the three new beds certainly carry on its tradition for excellence. 

The Rose Quartz color of the Amelia Bed is right on trend, as is its delicate, feminine charm. It features boldly curved lines and brass accessories, with a light wool finish to soften its stateliness. 

The LV bed draws upon traditional Chinese culture for inspiration. Its design comes from the lines of the “LuoHan” couch, which Chinese culture designated for masters and dignitaries. The bed features smooth lines, but only to contrast its powerful presence. LV’s team in Shanghai handcrafts the rosewood bed and its brass feet, which takes a total of 520 hours. 

The State 02 bed was designed by in-house Savoir artisans, who wanted to create a new perspective on a classic design. The bed features clean colors of grey and walnut, with clean lines to match. The artisans intend for this piece to anchor the room, especially as the centerpiece of a master bedroom. 

Savoir’s first showroom opened in London in 2001, but now they claim showrooms in cities worldwide, including New York, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Dusseldorf, and Shanghai. With their 100 years of expertise, untarnished reputation, and inspiring designs, Savoir is the go-to for luxury sleeping. Their motto tells us to “spend a third of your life in first class,” and upon the arrival of this new collection, we think we shall do just that.  

By Emily Allen

Photos courtesy of Savoir Beds

Work-Life Happiness

Mable Yiu

Fairweather magazine’s publisher, Alexandra Fairweather, sat down with leading work/lifestylist Samantha Ettus in East Hampton to get the scoop on how we can aspire to more than just a “balance” between our professional and personal lives.

Known for coaching celebrities, top CEOs, and professional athletes who aspire to perform at their highest levels in their professional and personal lives, Samatha Ettus is a best selling author of four Random House books, a writer for Forbes, and host of the nationally syndicated radio show,Working Moms Lifestyle. She is often seen making regular television appearances on Access HollywoodThe Today Show, and Fox News, and is a sought after speaker across the country at colleges, corporations and conferences. As a wife and mother of three, Ettus shared with us a little advice on how to find something most of us are seeking, work-life happiness.

“I didn’t set out to be an entrepreneur. But I always woke up in the middle of the night with ideas. I was seeing holes that weren’t filled and wanting to fill them,” explains Ettus. “The first thing I saw was that CEOs had a spark that went beyond their job titles. I was fascinated with those CEOs who had those sparks, so I decided to launch a talent agency for personal brands.” In 2001, Ettus launched the first-ever personal branding agency, Ettus Media Management. “I’ve always cared a lot about branding. I am very good at naming things, I named my husband’s company, and I name my friends’ companies, just for fun, it’s a hobby for me. I have this game with my kids, so I’ll name something like a chocolate store and all of my kids have to come up with a name of a store,” laughs Ettus.

When structuring a brand, Ettus explains, it is important to not only tell your life’s story, but to tell it in the right way. “I do this speech and I’ll tell my own story in a negative way and here is the same story told again. People don’t realize how much their story really matters. You need to look back as a reel and connect the dots. You never know when you are going to meet someone that is fascinating or is going to change your life.” In order to create your highlight reel, “You look back on your accomplishments. That goes on your highlight reel. You always need to expand the vision of what can go on that highlight reel.”

After working with hundreds of CEOs and experts, Ettus decided to write her first book, The Experts’ Guide to 100 Things Everyone Should Know How to Do. “There were a lot of experts and CEOs that I wanted to work with but they couldn’t afford me, so I came up with this idea for a book series, and the idea was I could get all of these experts into my book. I created this cliff notes for life. Putting the book together made me realize I could get to anyone. I had a 100 experts in a book and they all wrote a chapter,” explains Ettus. “Growing up, I never learned how to set a perfect table, or write a perfect note. I never had down time, so in many respects, it was a self-improvement project for me,” remarks Ettus. The book provides insights from accomplished individuals such as Larry King, Peggy Post, Bob Vila, Bobbi Brown, Bobby Flay, Fikram Choudhury, Donald Trump, and Jennifer Capriati to name a few.

When reflecting on what Ettus learned from the book series, she realized, “everyone is accessible.” She continued, “It was justa matter of perseverance.” But she warns, “Don’t ask for things when you don’t feel good about yourself, since there is a lot of rejection with putting yourself out there.”

Ettus’s book became a bestseller, prompting her to close her firm and go on a 23-city book tour. She then got three more book deals with Random House and published The Experts’ Guide to Life at HomeThe Experts’ Guide to Doing Things Fast- er, and The Experts’ Guide to the Baby Years.

“I was on a personal branding path and launched my books and quickly realized that you couldn’t talk to women about their careers without talking to them about their lives and how they were integrating work and life, their work and family life, and so many of them were overwhelmed. I also noticed that the happiest women that I knew were women that had a career and family, so how could that be broadcasted in terms of what they were doing right?

“I don’t understand why having it all has ever been a marker for anyone. Jennifer Anniston doesn’t have it all. Barack Obama doesn’t have it all. We can’t mention one person that does have it all, so why are all of these women aspiring to it or even asking can you do it? No- body can and that’s the only answer and the other traditional work/ life balance markers that concerned me was juggling.” Ettus points out that when you google “working mom” and you look at the images, you will see a woman in a suit with a baby, juggling and looking miserable. “Juggling is not a good marker,” asserts Ettus.

“Most women do not have control over their time, so beating themselves up just ends up zapping their energy at work and at home. When you are at work, you are still a mom. You are not only a mom when you are with your children. Somewhere along the way we got confused with women thinking we have to be with our kids to be a good mom and that’s simply not true, and when you are at work, you are protecting your kids financially, and when you are with them you are physically protecting them,” explains Ettus.

Ettus realized that by making significant but simple work/lifestyle changes, women could maximize their career potential but also find greater happiness in their lives.

She suggests, “Instead of evaluating your- self on hours you can’t change, you should view your life as a pie, it’s a fully baked pie, and look and say where is my time going and percentage wise, cut your pie. Maybe it is going for your career, romance, your friend or your kids and look at it honestly. I may be able to make small tweaks, so what can I do to make each slice better, so it’s about really making goals.” When hosting her radio show, Ettus often receives calls from mothers that explain that they feel so guilty that they work 6 days a week and only get to see their kids one day. Her suggestion is to plan with your kids on Monday night what you will do on your day off; that way, your children will have all week to feel excited and look forward to your day off on Sunday. “We didn’t change this person’s time, but we changed her relationship with her kids,” explains Ettus.

Ettus also points out how important it is for women to talk to their children about their careers positively and with enthusiasm. Ettus explains, “The way women talk about their careers is so huge for their kids, because the one thing is if you do have a career the amazing thing about it is you are a role model to your child and how you use that is really important.” She continues, “I remember a couple years ago I was talking about a logo for my new company with my husband and my daughter was in the room but she didn’t seem to be paying attention. She was 6 at the time. She came back into the room an hour later and she had sketched out 3 logos and one of them became the inspiration for my logo and I was so touched by it.”

Ettus explains how children are sponges and it is important to recognize the influence that parents have and that children learn from not only the stories we share with them, but the way we tell those stories. “We don’t realize how much our passion rubs off on kids and I think the mistake that someone would make is apologizing to their kids for their career. If you apologize for it and feel bad about it, your kids are going to feel bad about it.”

“Just be proud of what you do. The guilt thing is such a huge thing to me; it is such a wasted emotion. No one is benefiting. When you are at work, you have to give 100 percent. When you are with your kids, focus on them 100 percent.”

The baby years are often considered the hardest time of parenting, so “a lot of women I know will quit their jobs to be home during those years and unfortunately they can’t get back into the workforce when they want to, so if you are going to leave, don’t leave completely, go to part time, do consulting, but always stay in the game,” explains Ettus.

But, “the number-one thing for work-life happiness is picking the right partner.” Ettus continues, “If your partner doesn’t believe in your dreams you are never reaching your potential.” Ettus and her husband have worked successfully to be partners both in childcare and in their careers. When her husband launched his last company, he was working long hours and did not have time to see their young children. So the couple looked at his schedule and restructured it. While he faced resistance from venture capitalists when he decided to come home every day at 5:30 pm to have dinner with his family and then re- turn to conference calls at 8 pm, his company became a success and they showed how men and women can see their children every day and husband and wife need to co-parent together as a team.

“There is no way my husband would have thought to change it, but he knew something was wrong, “ Ettus shares. “I hear a lot of women making excuses for their husbands. When there is only one breadwinner, usually the schedule is tilted in one direction.”

When asked what Ettus would like to share with the world, she reflects, “I really believe that every person has a fire within them and whatever you do, whatever it is, the smallest job, do it enthusiastically or else don’t do it at all. Sometimes we get so caught up in careers that we are in that moment where we aren’t in the job we want; everything is a stepping stone and every contact you make in any position you are in is someone that might be a part of your future. If you do anything enthusiastically, you will get noticed.”

Currently, Ettus is working on The Experts’ Guide for Women, de- tailing everything from how to choose the right bra, to how to find true love, to making romance last and managing your finances. To learn more, visit

The Art of Living: Yesim Philip

Mable Yiu

By Alexandra Fairweather & Lisa Graham

As real estate experts, we regularly visit the beautiful homes of tastemakers and movers and shakers. We have learned that there is truly an "Art of Living" that should be explored, studied, and ultimately mastered. Recently, we spoke with the beautiful Yesim Philip, former professional Turkish basketball player and founder of the luxury sport clothing line, L'Etoile Sport, at her gorgeous Upper East Side home to discuss how her lifestyle is a direct expression of who she is.

How did L’Etoile Sport come about?

Sports have been part of my life since I was six years old. I started playing tennis actively about five years ago and I couldn’t find clothes that were stylish enough to wear on and off the court. So L’Etoile Sport was born in November of 2011 before fitness apparel had become the new “sportswear.” Now sports are having a huge influence on women’s fashion.

Do you find that your experiences as a professional basketball player in Turkey have influenced your line?

I guess, playing basketball professionally made me aware of athletic clothing and what I need to perform better. I lived in these clothes 24/7, so it was important to create something feminine, functional, yet still elegant and classic.

What are the inspirations for your line?

I take things that are basic, integral parts of everyday life, then mix and mold them together so they are simple but at the same time completely different. So everyday clothes inspire me.

What are you most looking forward to with your new line?

Every season is exciting but I am most ex- cited completing a collection and finding perfection. I design for tennis, golf, launching activewear and cashmeres to complete the collection. Having all the parts of the collection in sync with one another is the fun part of it. My ultimate goal is to continue creative work and build a collection that stays true to my brand identity.

How do you define “The Art of Living ” and how have you expressed it in your home?

I believe in simplicity, timeless elegance, and perfection. I try to create that in my apartment with simple decor but jazz it up with my art. I want my art to pop out, not to disappear in a jungle of furniture. I try to balance the values of innovation and tradition, if that makes sense.

Do you have a favorite feature of your apartment?

Benches under Jenny Holzer photographs. My husband thought at first they were mismatched, but he loves them now.

How would you define your style?

I think my style represents simplicity with timeless elegance.

Do you find that your line, L’Etoile Sport, influences your design at home?

I feel like they are the same. I like simplicity with a modern twist yet still classic.

Do you have a favorite piece of art in your apartment?

I love a Louisa Fishman painting in our living room and Jenny Holzer photographs.

Do you have advice for people who are designing their home?

It is important to have your own touch in every aspect of the design of your home. Even though you may get help from a designer, make sure that designer shares the same point of view as you.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood in New York City?

It will sound like a cliché and not cool, but I love my current neighborhood and love being close to Central Park.

Why did you decide to live on the Upper East Side?

We used to live in the West Village, but when I got pregnant with our second child and found out it was going to be boy, we decided to move closer to the park so he can enjoy the free space it offers.

What are your favorite spots on the Upper East Side?

Central Park, Central Park, Central Park. I am heavily involved with the Central Park Conservancy and without the park I'm not sure if many of us would still be living in the city.

The Art of Living: Kara Van Der Weg and Brett Littman

Mable Yiu

As real estate experts, we regularly visit the beautiful homes of tastemakers and movers and shakers. We have learned that there is truly an "Art of Living" that should be explored, studied, and ultimately mastered. Recently, we spoke with Gagosian Gallery's power gallerist, Kara Van Der Weg, and the executive director of The Drawing Center, Brett Littman, at the couple's gorgeous NYC home to discuss how their lifestyle is a direct expression of who they are.

By Alexandra Fairweather & Lisa Graham

Photographs by Carrie Buell

How do you define “The Art of Living” and how have you expressed it in your home?

We’ve tried to create a living space that reflects who we are—our tastes, our friendships, the fact that we are both creative people—and feels special, so that it is a pleasure for us to come home.

Do you have a favorite feature of your apartment?

The leaded glass windows really convinced both of us that it was the apartment for us.

How would you define your style?

Eclectic and concise—living in New York, we don’t have lots of things because there is never enough space, so what we do have around us really matters.

As leading figures in the art world, do your passion and expertise infuence your design at home?

Our friendships with artists really infuence what we have in our apartment. That and our travels—we love a good souvenir.

Do you have a favorite piece of art in your apartment?

Everything has a meaningful story. But the pieces with some personal history are especially important to us. We have Turkish tables and shelving from Brett’s grandmother, who sold antique replicas, and on the shelves are a few pieces of my father’s pottery.

Do you have advice for people who are interested in building an art collection in their home?

Always be on the lookout for pieces that you love. Also, you can build a great collection with a very modest budget. Some of the artworks we own have been acquired at charity auctions and from memberships where you pay a fee and get a new artwork once a year. Brett used to be the director of Dieu Donne, and they have a wonderful program that promotes emerging artists.

Could you talk about your extensive pottery collection?

That collection is always evolving, and growing. Building it is something that we really enjoy doing when we are traveling and at antique stores around the U.S., especially. It started with Brett’s interest in mid-century design, and now we have plates to feed at least six dozen people. Russell Wright’s American Modern series, Tamac, and Raymor are a few of our favorites. We both enjoy cooking, and when we have dinner parties we select the plates to suit the food.

What year was your apartment built?

How did the year it was built infuence your design choices? 1929 by Rosario Candela. Previously we lived in a factory building that had been converted to condos in the 1980s, and our style was much more modern. Here we felt that we had to fit the era while not making it feel like we were living in a time warp.

Do you have a favorite neighborhood in New York City?

That is tough to answer! We are really enjoying getting to know our neighborhood, which is variously defined as Lincoln Square and Upper West Side. Downtown, in Soho, is where The Drawing Center is located, so Brett spends a lot of time there. And we lived in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn, for 10 years— that neighborhood evolved tremendously during the time we were there. There are so many small local restaurants and shops there that are fun to explore.

Why did you decide to live on the Upper West Side?

The Upper West Side found us. It just happened that this was where we found an apartment that felt right, but it seems that it is, in fact, a perfect area for us. We are both within a short distance of our jobs—I walk across Central Park every morning to Gagosian Gallery on the Upper East Side. It’s a pretty fabulous commute. And we love being within walking distance of half a dozen major museums.

What are your favorite spots on the Upper West Side?

The Leopard, which is across the street from us in the Hotel des Artistes, is a restaurant with really delicious Italian food in a beautiful, atmospheric setting. They have the original Howard Chandler Christy murals that he began painting for the Cafe des Artistes in the 1930s—Marcel Duchamp and Isadora Duncan used to eat there! Epicerie Boulud is great for a quick coffee or a glass of wine, and the pastries are delicious. Having Lincoln Center in our backyard is a huge luxury—we can walk to world-class opera or symphony performances in a matter of minutes. And I could go on all day about all the things I love about living near Central Park. It is one of my favorite places in the city.

How to Build a Wine Collection

Mable Yiu

We asked Robert Schagrin, founder and managing partner of Crush Wine & Spirits (, to uncork the secret to getting started in wine collecting.


Many collectors start with redwines from Napa Valley—that’s a good start.The essential elements of a European collection are wines of France (Burgundy, Bordeaux, and the Rhône) and Italy (Piedmont and Tuscany). Buy some young wines, and while they are aging, have some mature wines on hand to enjoy. And remember that the great white wines—not just the reds—can improve with a decade or more of age.


Drink what makes you happy. But be cognizant of how wines age. You don’t need to buy 10 years’ worth of Sauvignon Blanc, for instance, but having 10 years’ worth of Burgundy or Bordeaux is totally appropriate. From an investment point of view, some wine producers and regions have a better track record for holding their value or appreciating. Currently, red Burgundy is what’s hot.


For long-term storage, white and red wines are both ideally stored at 55 ̊F and 70 percent humidity—and for that you need a wine refrigerator.


Have two sizes of glasses for reds—a Bordeaux-shaped glass and one for Burgundy. White wines and sparkling wines are best served in the same glass. Look for Zalto stemware. They’re not inexpensive, but they will enhance your drinking experience. 

Barry's Bootcamp

Mable Yiu

Fairweather publisher ERIC GOODMAN sits down with exercise guru BARRY JAY— founder of Barry’s Bootcamp— to discuss the future of fitness.

In 1988, Barry Jay may have seemed like an unlikely candidate to pioneer the future of body sculpting. As an aspiring Los Angeles songwriter weighing in at 120 pounds, he found himself nearly broke and unclear about his career goals when he signed up for a $19-per-month membership at Sports Connection, a precursor to today’s 24 Hour Fitness. 

Jay had never worked out before. “I went around stalking people on the fitness machines to see what they were doing,” he recalls. “And I always steered clear of the free weights room.”

But that $19 gym membership changed not only Jay’s life, but ultimately the lives of many of his future clients. Over the next six years, Jay developed a tremendous penchant for exercising—including the free weights—while maintaining a job in public relations. “But public relations is really a lifestyle and skill set unto itself,” he explains. Long story short? “I was not a good worker and got fired.” That turned out to be a lucky break. His next job was as a receptionist at City Hall, where he befriended Mayor John Heilman, who ultimately guided him to an $8-per-hour job answering phones at a nearby gym. “I took a ton of free classes and just loved the energy of the room,” Jay enthuses.

Barry’s 60 minutes of fame finally arrived one fateful day when the class instructor missed attendance. “I leapt over the desk before the manager could even finish asking me to fill in.” Radiating energy and excitement, he assumed the helm and realized at that point that “this is what I was meant to be to doing.” He proudly marked his next two years as a class instructor with perfect attendance. 

That local gym shut down just two short years later in the fall of 1998 due to mismanagement. “I was told the morning of, that this would be my last class as an instructor,” Barry recalls. Fast on his feet—no pun intended—and determined to keep pressing on, “I took a legal pad and started writing down the names of everyone who attended my last class.” One of the class attendees, John Mumford, cultivated a strong relationship with Jay and would later become a business partner in the famed Barry’s Bootcamp.

Twelve years later, Barry’s Bootcamp has expanded briskly beyond its original West Hollywood location. After spreading throughout California and the East Coast, Barry’s Bootcamp broadened its international presence with locations in London and Norway. In a period where time management and utility maximization are of primary importance in our daily lives, Barry’s Bootcamp has solidified its place as one of the most efficient and effective hour-long workout classes of its time.


In developing Barry’s Bootcamp, Jay is helping to change some antiquated notions about body sculpting. His major innovations include:

A broad range of free weights, including not only conventional 5- and 10-pound weights but also those up to 50 pounds or more.

Dedicated classes for targeted body parts, including arms, legs, chest, etc.

Red lights! “There’s something about red lights in the class that just raises the energy and intensity of the workout,” he says.

Customer service. As commonplace as it may sound, this is a major change for a fitness program. “It’s the human factor,” explains Jay. “If you signed up for a class and didn’t attend, we call and ask, ‘How come you weren’t at class?’ That kind of interest and dedication resonates with customers.”

With additional locations on the way, come check out Barry’s Bootcamp