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Fairweather's Summer Soiree

Emily Allen

Fairweather’s Summer Soiree this past week was a fun summer oasis in the hot city, full of great minds and great times. The party celebrated the Summer Edition of Fairweather Magazine and introduced friends of Fairweather to the organic beverage line Hottie Tottie. 

The event was held at Coco-Mat in Soho, allowing guests to feel at home in the large, open space full of nature-born bedding. Some guests enjoyed the comfortable furniture and lounged at ease, while others took advantage of the fun props provided by Fairweather for perfect photo-ops. Photos, as well as the latest social media craze Boomerang, abounded, making for a delightfully lively evening.

Though guests were busy socializing and capturing memories, everyone made sure to set aside moments for the luscious array of food and drink. At the bar, Hottie Tottie was served both on it’s own and mixed with Prosecco. The drinks were light and refreshing, as were the Hottie Tottie popsicles served in Prosecco, which were the hit of the night. A few steps away, the vast spread of hors d’oeuvres and desserts sprawled the large table in the center of the room. Food included vegan kimchi “tuna” bites and carrot cake bliss balls provided by Yommme creator Christine Wong, a cheese and fruit spread, cookies provided by Eleni’s Bakery, pie provided by This Pie is Nuts Bakery, and a beautiful cake provided by Stephanie Nass. Dead Sea Bath Salts were provided by Dirty Mermaid Beauty. 

The host committee for the party included Zarah Burstein, David, Sean, and Lauren Carpenter, Stephanie Nass, Shriya Paliwal and Gaurav Mahindra, Christina and Nick Pacelli, Arielle Patrick, Drielle Valeretto and Dr. Greuner, Jeeyun Lee, Mimi Prober, Satya Tweeny and Jeffrey Zurofsky, and Christine Wong. Selected Guests Amane Zerradi, Matt Bruck, Michelle Park, Kaitlin Orr, Christina Lau, Leigh Shirvan, Sarah Phillips, Andrew Gelwicks, Yasmin Naghash, Sylvie Bitter-Larkin, K$ace, and Gil.

Instagram and Facebook posts from the evening can be found using our hashtag - #alwaysfairweather. 

By Emily Allen

Photos courtesy of TIffany Sage for BFA