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Power Couples: Christina & Nick Pacelli

Emily Allen

Christina is an acclaimed celebrity stylist; Nick is SVP Head of Global Strategic Marketing of Republic Records, whose artists include Drake, The Weeknd, Florence + the Machine, Ariana Grande, and many more.

How did you meet?

Christina Pacelli: We met at our alma mater UCLA in 2003 at the end of my freshman year and Nick’s senior year. A mutual friend played with Nick on the water polo team, realized we were both heavily into music and photography, and thought we should meet. We met as those kids and were married within three years for no reason other than falling madly, deeply in love with one another. 

Nick Pacelli: We met at a wild party and it was a “love at first sight” thing. Chris and I have a very strong connection that ignited when we met.

What was your first date?

CP: It was super romantic…we sat and ate dinner on the floor of his unfurnished living room in the grody apartment he shared with four teammates. I was 18 at the time so this was cool and fine with me. The early days of our relationship were ones of two broke college kids. We fell in love as kids and we are still very much the same two kids when we are together. 

What are the keys to your success as a couple?

CP: We keep our lives really simple in terms of what’s important amidst the chaos of work: family, health, God, our future. We find happiness in the simple things, most of which are free. We are super-tight best friends.

NP: We’re on the same page fundamentally in terms of our personal spirituality, religion, politics, and ethical beliefs. Our worldview is the same. We get our kicks from a handful of obsessions enjoyed together: music, fashion, travel, the ocean and outdoors.

How do you balance your careers with your home life?

CP: We work a lot, often seven days a week, and we are always on the road. Our careers can be all-consuming and we take breaks to travel together which is a mental reset for me.

NP: Our professional lives trickle into our personal lives, which works out okay because we like what we do for a living. Our industries are related – music and fashion – so when one of us talks about projects, clients and work issues, the other gets it and can advise from a place of knowledge and experience. 

Tell us about upcoming projects that you’re excited about.

CP: We are heading to Iceland for our 10-year wedding anniversary in late summer, then to New Zealand before award season. And it’s no secret I have major baby-on-the-brain so we are preparing to get this show on the road.

NP: Christina has the exciting stuff going on with her new and existing celebrity clients, this year especially with projects in the television, music, and editorial space. Some of the biggest artists on our label are releasing albums with major campaigns surrounding them, and I’m excited to share what we have up our sleeve with the world.

By Alexandra Fairweather

Photos courtesy of Christina and Nick Pacelli