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Flower Power

Emily Allen

Stunning floral arrangements and bouquets have a way of transforming a wedding — or any big event! — with their vibrant colors and fragrances. Here, some of our favorite wedding floral themes, plus insider tips from Blush Designs founder Jeeyun Lee.

What are some of the flower themes and inspirations for weddings you’ve worked on recently?

Jeeyun Lee: For a Wave Hill wedding last June, the theme was contemporary with a touch of garden. The floral designs were kept loosely round with texture and movement. We used graphic florals, such as scabiosa pods and succulents to create texture. Jasmine vines created movement. We limited the number of flowers for each arrangement for a clean and simple look. The main color palette was white and peach with contrasting elements of dark purple from the dendrobium and vanda orchids. For an intimate brunch wedding for 60 guests at Gramercy Park Hotel wedding last June, the floral design was classic and simple, with a floral palette of hydrangea, phalaenopsis orchids, peonies, astilbe, and roses. The bride loved a cheerful monochromatic color palette, so we used bright pinks and corals.

What was the process like coming up with the different arrangements? Are you typically given certain flowers to work with or is it pretty flexible?

We discuss their overall desired vision and floral components during each part of their wedding. We love looking at photos that our clients have compiled. Once we get a sense of their vision and aesthetic, we pull elements from the imagery to create a custom design. We typically recommend brides use seasonally available blooms as they will be the most beautiful and show our clients our suggested floral palette. We do our best to try to incorporate certain blooms if the bride or groom has a strong floral preference.

What roles do flowers play in the event?

Flowers are an essential decor element that can transform a space. We want the florals to complement the venue, so the floral decisions are often determined by the space. For example, Wave Hill is a spectacular space, and our couple was meant to be married outdoors; however, the rain changed plans, and we brought the ceremony underneath a clear tent. But the two arrangements of blueberry branches and phalaenopsis orchids were just enough against the gorgeous views at Wave Hill. We also use the bridal bouquet as an accessory to complement the bride’s wedding dress.

Were there any particular challenges to these themes?

For Gramercy Park, our bride loved peonies and cherry blossom. It’s touch-and-go with peonies toward the end of June, as their season is coming to an end; and we were unsure about the availability of cherry blossom as well. We had an alternative plan in case the florals were not looking their best, but we were thankfully able to source really beautiful product. 

What are some top flower tips to share with soon-to-be-brides?

After you book your venue, start compiling imagery; it’s unlikely that a single image will capture your perfect floral look, but collect images that show your desired color ratio and palette, scale of arrangements, and general ambiance. Flowers are super seasonal, so be flexible. Find a floral designer you trust. I spend time to understand what my clients love and hate so that when I’m shopping for them, I am selecting material through their lens.

By Mable Yiu

Photos courtesy of Cody Raising Photography