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Summer’s Cool-Down Snack: Popsicles

Mable Yiu

As we turn the corner and step into August, summer still seems to be in full swing in New York. With temperatures reaching the mid to high 80’s almost everyday, cooling down without leaving the apartment or office seems almost impossible. Have no fear -- we’ve got a solution.

Popsicles are a quick, easy, and potentially healthy way to beat the heat. However, in an ice cream market saturated with unhealthy and artificial treats, how can you be sure that your frozen pop is good for you? Our solution: make your own. With homemade popsicle molds running for as low as $12 at Target, you’ll be able to cool down at any time of day with this low cost, time-efficient snack.

All you need to get started on making savory frozen creations is a popsicle mold (available for under $15 at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, or Crate and Barrel), a freezer, and any ingredients that you’d enjoy freezing into a delicious treat. For healthy, everyday options, we recommend combining solid fruits, purees, organic juices, and yogurts. Because you’re the creator of your popsicle, the consistency and degree of sweetness is entirely up to you. One easy, go-to option is to select your favorite fruits, crush them in a blender or food processor, and freeze them in the popsicle molds. This works incredibly well for strawberries, bananas, blueberries, mangos -- whatever your heart desires. The best part? All of the required prep work to make these fruity pick-me-ups can be completed in under 20 minutes.

For an incredibly light popsicle, try simply freezing your favorite juice or sparkling beverage. These treats are smooth, thin in consistency, and maintain all of the taste qualities you love in a beverage. The frozen, carry-along pop is sure to lower your body temperature and lift your mood on a hot summer day. At Fairweather, we love making popsicles with our organic Hottie Tottie juices and teas. For a fun party drink, try putting juice popsicles upside down in glasses of Prosecco for a Loopy Doopy-style cocktail.

Freezing homemade popsicles only takes a few hours, though for efficiency purposes, we recommend preparing the snack at night time so they will be frozen and ready the following day. There is no limit to how unique you can be with this chilly treat, so get creative and enjoy!

By Matt Bernstein