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Q&A with Julie and Dan Resnick, feedfeed

Mable Yiu

Photo courtesy of  @lindsaymorrisphoto

Photo courtesy of @lindsaymorrisphoto

by Christine Wong

In two short years, feedfeed, a crowd-sourced highly curated digital cooking website, developed by Julie and Dan Resnick, a husband and wife team based in Amagansett, NY, has become one of the biggest influencers in social media's global food community of home cooks, chefs, bloggers, and food organizations/suppliers. This ecosystem of food/cooking enthusiasts share thousands of images/recipes with feedfeed each day on one of the most prominent hashtags (#feedfeed) on Instagram, which after careful curation, fuels feedfeed’s publication, offering the most dynamic insight into what the world is cooking today. feedfeed’s website was developed as a comprehensive online recipe share platform offering inspiration to anyone who cooks. 

Dedicated to the notion of crowdsourcing, Dan and Julie are helped by 100 community editors, experts in their culinary fields, to curate a growing list of over 200 specialty ingredient/occasion/lifestyle feeds, ranging fromBlack Sesame to Healthy Athlete to Dinner Parties to Pie Crust Inspirationand more on their website. Complimentary to their global outreach, Julie and Dan are also strong supporters of small, local farms, and partner withGrowNYC. It was here, when they were distributing their autumn-inspired recipe cards at Union Square Greenmarket, that I got the chance to speak to them. 

Christine Wong: How did feedfeed start?

Julie Resnick: Since moving out of NYC to a small coastal farming and fishing community on Eastern Long Island, Dan and I have been cooking and eating local, seasonal food almost exclusively. We are constantly seeking inspiration for what to make with what we have on hand, and often wondered what other like-minded people with the same ingredients were making at that moment; both in our local area and around the world.  That is when we decided to try to connect with people on social media around the topic of cooking, which quickly evolved into growing a community. 

Photo courtesy of  @dan_resnick

Photo courtesy of @dan_resnick

CW: What do you love most about the feedfeed community that you've created and inspire every day?

JR: From the beginning, the value of this community for us personally has been the ability to have a lens into kitchens around the world, to see what people are making with similar products, how they create unique flavors and beautiful photography, and a chance to play a role in connecting people and organizaitons from around the world. 

CW: What is unique about the feedfeed community as compared to other communities or publications?

DR: The democratic nature of the feedfeed community has alway been a major source of gratification and differentiation for us; the way people with 100 followers connect and inspire others that may have 10s of thousands and still gain an equal voice, judged only by the creativity of their recipes and photography. 

CW: What is your favorite "go to" meal to cook, or to eat, and to stay healthy particularly in the cold winter months?

JR:  Root veggies in a coconut curry!

Photo courtesy of  @dan_resnick

Photo courtesy of @dan_resnick

CW: The holidays are here, how are you preparing for them? What's on your Holiday Table?

JR: As always, I turn to the feedfeed community for inspiration...when making latkes, I go to the Latkes feed and find kimchi latkes, or when thinking of holiday gifts I find myself gravitating towards making a Gingerbread Granola on our DIY Holiday feed. For Christmas Cookies, I will be making the Rose Pistachio Shortbread Cookies. 

CW: In the spirit of the holiday season, what are you giving? 

JR:  We have been excited to put together a great gift package for our tireless supporters and community editors.  

DR: From a philanthropic standpoint, we have made several small donations to our local farms, which has always been a part of our mission, in addition to the supportive promotional and community building work we do for the Grow NYC Greenmarkets in New York City. 


Christine Wong is a proud member of the feedfeed community and editor of the Healthy Kids and Fermented Food feeds. She empowers people to take charge of their well-being with plant-based clean eating through coaching, detoxes, cooking workshops, and cookbooks and can be found at and @conscious_cooking on Instagram.