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Andrew Laffoon,

Mable Yiu


Andrew Laffoon is an innovative entrepreneur changing the way we tell our personal stories and preserve special memories. He is the CEO and Founder of, a photo service site offering completely customizable, aesthetically beautiful, and high quality products. Easy to use, yet with limitless possibilities, Mixbook is the place to create an absolutely gorgeous, personal, and unique gift that will be treasured for years to come (especially as Valentine’s day is coming up!). Here, you can see our interview with the man himself, where we talked about inspirations and the future of photos.

By Camilla Misiaszek

What was the inspiration behind 

I had made a couple of photo books before: a photo book as a going away gift for a friend who was moving away and a book of my honeymoon for my wife. The books were really cool, but the creation process was so painful. We had a very different way of approaching the market, and we knew we could make the process easier and more fun, so we built Mixbook to solve our personal pain.

In an age where photos are stored on the computer and shared online, why do you think having physical photos is important? 

No matter how much I interact with photos on my phone, it's still not the same as holding them in your hand or seeing them on your wall. In an age when many things are moving digital, the physical things you have left will have more value, and you'll want them to say something about you. The regular books you keep on your bookshelf will be to show friends and family the things you care about. Nothing shows that more than a photo book of your life, brimming with stories that you want to share.

What makes Mixbook unique from other photo services?

Mixbook is all about creating the best user experience for making photo books and telling stories with your photos. The experience is fundamentally different: you can customize every aspect of your product, more than anywhere else. At the same time, it's intuitive and easy, the designs are gorgeous and the quality of service is unparalleled. We all use Mixbook often, so we care more than anybody that it's the best photo service in the world.

Between the prints, calendars, photo books, and cards that Mixbook offers, do you have a favorite?

Photo books. I am a storyteller at heart, and a photo book is the best format for telling the stories I want to share. 

Over the past ten years, smartphones and social media have revolutionized the world of photography—how do you think photos will be different in the future? 

For one thing, all your photos will be organized, easily searchable and synced across all your devices. That will be the bare minimum. On top of that, I think you'll find people engage with their photos a lot more, from printing and sharing to just enjoying them in moments of downtime.

Launching a company comes with many uncertainties and obstacles—what advice would you share with aspiring entrepreneurs? 

Don't give up. Most entrepreneurs give up way too early. Every entrepreneur will have moments of despair, days when you can't see the light at the end of the tunnel, when you want to give up. Keep going - the winning entrepreneurs stick it out far longer than their peers, and position themselves to take advantage of the opportunities that inevitably present themselves along the way.

Any fun Valentine's plans?

My wife and I have a date with our 1 month old son!

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