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Vinyl Say

Mira Dayal

Jet Boy Records founder Rebecca Kiembock spins new talent.

REBECCA KIEMBOCK breezed into the room wearing retro American Apparel clothing and large hoop earrings, which dangled below her pixie-cut blonde hair. A gold ring pierced her nose and a Jet Boy tattoo in faded Times New Roman font adorned her inner right bicep.

Such is the attire for the 20-year-old head of Jet Boy Records, the recording and music management company she founded in 2011 and named after a favorite song of the hard rock band, the New York Dolls.

“I was very intimidated,” said Kiembock, referring to her entrance into the music industry. “But it’s a passion of mine.’’

Jet Boy is taking of both locally and internationally, ofering new alternative and punk rock bands booking, management and other services that boost their careers.

Kiembock, an East Hampton, NY, native who recently moved to Brooklyn’s vibrant Williamsburg neighborhood, signs unconventional bands and ofers them unique performance opportunities.

“I look for bands that I like and feel passionate about promoting,” said Kiembock, who cut her teeth in the music business interning with the independent label, Matador Records, and who enjoys listening to Kurt Vile and other indie rockers.

One of her new bands, The Amphibious Man, released its frst record and EP on vinyl this fall. The venture is Jet Boy Records’ frst time pressing vinyl, and Kiembock will help the Connecticut- based group choose which songs to include.

“We’re all literally worshippers of vinyl,” said The Amphibious Man frontman Jason Principi. “I mean the sound is real; it’s physically holding music.”

Principi said he was thrilled with the job Kiembock has done managing his band since signing with Jet Boy this past summer. “Rebecca is the best,” he said. “She’s so good with the music industry stuf, and she’s younger than most of us.”

Managing bands sometimes involves sour notes, like what to do when the musicians bail from gigs at the last minute. “It’s very easy to have things down on paper,” Kiembock said. “But you have to expect things to work out and to not work out.”

In addition to The Amphibious Man, Jet Boy Records’ roster includes the British band Beaty Heart, Hari and the Karis, and Shadow Lover. The label also books venues like Connecticut College, Cake Shop NYC and Bowery Electric.

In addition, promoting records, branding and producing shows are quite expensive. Trademarking, licensing fees and contracts add up. “You have to have some money to spend,” said Kiembock, who started Jet Boy with her own savings.

Kiembock strives to introduce undiscovered sounds to New York’s underground and popular music scene. “Taking music that I fnd in one part of New York and bringing it to the rest is what I want to do,” she said.

This fall, Kiembock, who spent two years at Oberlin College, enrolled in NYU’s music business program, hoping to sharpen her management skills and overall understanding of the industry. “It’s going to be an obstacle,” Kiembock said. “Luckily the classes I’ll be taking will beneft my label.”