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State of the Art

Mira Dayal

KEVIN BERLIN on Miami’s week in the sun:

Get ready to fall in love again. One of the world’s most anticipated happenings takes over Miami for an inspiring frst week of December, and thousands of collectors, dealers, curators and artists will be joining you there. 

Art Basel Miami Beach, Art Miami, CON- TEXT and Aqua Art Miami are among more than 20 separate fairs converging on this sun-bathed city for Art Week, long known as a launching pad for the artistic stars of tomorrow.

“We noticed an opportunity to extend our hand to the young emerging artists, and the young galleries or seasoned galleries that are representing them,’’ said Nicholas Kornilof, Art Miami’s founder and director.

While 2013 marks the 24th edition of
Art Miami, which acquired CONTEXT two years ago, this is the frst time the ninth-year exhibitor, Aqua, has operated under Art Miami’s ownership.

Aqua director Jennifer Jacobs said her group’s fair ofers 47 rooms for individual

artists and cooperatives, as well as education- al institutions and galleries from around the world, which feature both emerging talent and mid-career artists exploring new ideas.

“Aqua has traditionally been one of the great smaller fairs for emerging and mid-ca- reer artists,’’ said Jacobs. “We’re taking a lot of that artistic DNA and providing and strengthening an infrastructure.’’

There is far too much ground to cover in one week but, with careful planning, you can attend a host of ofcial openings. And you should. A full year of planning precedes each event, where the organizers are cordial and welcoming.

Each event gets its own moment in the sun. Art Miami and CONTEXT open Decem- ber 3 with a beneft for the city’s new Perez Art Museum. On the same day, Scope Miami opens at its new location on the sands of Mi- ami Beach. December 4 is the VIP opening of Art Basel Miami Beach, considered Art Week’s anchor.

And, keep in mind that the fairs aren’t the only venue to view cutting-edge art. Day or night, you can wander the streets of Miami’s famous Wynwood Walls section, where graf- fti rules and artists from around the world present powerful, personal and high-energy work for free.

So, put down the cell phone and take your time beholding the extraordinary art before you. The week will draw to a close before you know it, but the memories will not. You will always have Miami.

KEVIN BERLIN is an internationally renowned artist whose recent solo exhibitions include galleries in Shanghai, Kiev, Chicago, and New York City. See his work at: