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Morning Has Broken

fairweather enterprises

Fairweather magazine’s Mable Yiu got the chance to meet up with up-and-coming band Morningsiders in their cozy townhouse on the Upper West Side. 

RECENT COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY GRADUATES Magnus Ferguson and Reid Jenkins make up the dynamic duo of what they call Morningsiders.

After being the only two who showed up during a snowstorm at a meetup for those who got in early to Columbia, Magnus and Reid started regularly bumping into each other in the city while still in high school. Once at Columbia, they starting “jamming” regularly and performing with their friends, for their friends.

While it may not be common for Columbia graduates to end up in folk music, both Morningsiders didn’t go to Columbia thinking they would end up with a career in music.

Reid, who was an earth science major, said it took multiple small steps that ended up leading him to his music path. “Because of the band, and other things, but mostly the band, I was more comfortable saying I’m not going to do that research career path,” he explains. “The day my thesis was due, ‘Empress’ was featured in a Starbucks commercial with Oprah and Starbucks. It really set in that I wanted this to be a career path after college.”

Since graduation, “We try to play a lot with just the two of us, and find awesome people to play with us,” says Magnus. “I think it’s import- ant to pick up an instrument, listen to others’ music, and play as much as we can.”

“Magnus used to be a fencer so he treats each show like a fight,” says Reid. How do they get inspired? “We get really excited to go to other people’s shows and get depressed at how good they are, and then get more motivatedto get better,” says Magnus. And how do they define “cool”? “All of my older brother’s music is my definition of cool,” laughs Magnus.

When asked what is one thingthey want to share with the world, Reid states, “We are not The Morningsiders, just Morningsiders.”