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Joy Mangano & the film, Joy

fairweather enterprises

Recently, I had a chance to sit down with the awe-inspiring American inventor, businesswoman, and entrepreneur Joy Mangano, known for her incredible inventions such as the Miracle Mops, her appearances on HSN and most recently, being the inspiration for the film, Joy, starring Jennifer Lawrence.

Joy did not always know that she wanted to be an inventor. But, the early signs were there throughout her childhood. “When I was young, I built a 7 story tree house. I blew up my parents' toaster, because I was trying to make something else. I always tried to create a better mouse trap so to speak. It was a path very unknown. I didn’t know until I was an adult with the Miracle Mop. I had verification that I wasn’t crazy,” explains Mangano.

What advice does Mangano have for entrepreneurs? “First and foremost, a successful entrepreneur is doing what you believe in. Achieve in an arena that you feel you were meant to do” said Mangano. She reflects on how you have to ask yourself, “What is it that you want to do?” She continues, “You finally find that road that feels very natural to you.” And in the case of Mangano, she discovered she would create a career creating products to help people with everyday. Moreover, she suggests that the best advice for entrepreneurs is “advice that reinforces that you are okay,” and that it is okay to “do what you want to do.” For “that supportive advice allows you to have a little bit more courage. It is daunting to start any business,” asserts Mangano.

With a belief in the American Dream and a determination to help entrepreneurs, Mangano is dedicated to her foundation, The Joy Mangano Foundation, which is working with Rising Tide Capital, a non-profit organization to foster first-time entrepreneurs. “The foundation is trying to help young entrepreneurship, whether they be old or young, help them, so whether the struggles I had or somebody else had, they won’t have. This world needs amazing ideas,” smiles Mangano.

In addition to her incredible foundation work, the American inventor gave us a little hint that there are exciting new projects coming up: “We are doing some industry changing things, so look out for those.” I know I certainly will.

What was it like for Joy Mangano to see the film Joy come about? “Everybody has touch points that the movie hits. We all want to be inspired, ignite anything within us that makes everyday a gift. It was like a dream, no matter what Hollywood is Hollywood. The movie is so magical. My introduction couldn't have been with a more beautiful family.

JOY is available now on Digital HD, Blu-ray, DVD, and 4K UHD.

By Alexandra Fairweather