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Q & A with Armarium Founders

Emily Allen

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, technology has come to the forefront as the new mode of transportation from fashion house to consumer. I recently interviewed two entrepreneurs, Trisha Gregory and Alexandra Lind Rose about their new app, Armarium that utilizes technology to offer a brand-new shopping experience. Armarium offers a new way for successful and fashionable women to receive luxury pieces and luxury experiences on-call with the tap of a button. 

What made you two leave the more traditional world of fashion in design and PR to start Armarium?

TG: The idea grew out of working at Ferragamo for years, and styling many of the runway statement pieces on VIP women around the country for special events. I watched them fall in love with the brand and designer after wearing them and knew I wanted to create a platform that provided this type of access to more women. Often times the best pieces were cancelled from production and not found in the market. There also wasn't a player in the shared economy for luxury fashion, so we wanted to educate and introduce new customers to these type of high fashion pieces through our platform, making it accessible for anyone!

Did either of you have experience in the tech world before deciding to launch an app?

I (Trisha) was instrumental in conceiving and launching various globally successful digital campaigns while at Ferragamo and coordinating the marketing surrounding them, with launch events, short lead press, influencer dressing and participation and online advertising.

Armarium is an invite-only app, so can you explain what that entails or how people could be apart of it?

TG: When we first debuted Armarium earlier this year, we soft launched in beta as an invite-only platform for fashion insiders. Now that we have officially launched out of beta, the app is available for everyone to download through the Apple Store. The decision to make Armarium available for everyone coincides with our mission behind creating the brand: Luxury, high fashion shouldn’t only be for VIP’s or the “elite”, it should be accessible for everyone, especially for those important life moments.  

Where would you like this business to go? Obviously the app only just launched but are there big plans for the near-future of Armarium?

TG: Looking to the immediate future, our biggest focus is to reach as many people as we can on a national and global scale. Whether that be through the app or various pop-up stores/events, I think Armarium has a real opportunity to introduce an entirely different group of stylish women to the world of luxury high-fashion in a more accessible way. So often people see high-priced runway pieces they would love to wear for that one special occasion, but might not have the budget to actually purchase - with Armarium, that once-in-a-lifetime is now not out of reach.

By Kat Jones

Photos Courtesy of Armarium