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Q&A with Lindsey Schwartz, Co-founder of Miscere

Mable Yiu

You describe the Miscere brand as the perfect balance between haute couture and fast fashion. Can you tell us what this means to you?

Miscere was born as a way to keep up with the ever-changing fashion trends without having to opt for fast fashion and compromise on quality, or purchase a new bag for every occasion. With our interchangeable collection, we've married the convenience of fast fashion and the quality and design integrity of Haute Couture. 

Where do you find inspiration for your unique designs?

A lot of design inspiration comes from our travels or architecture, but the majority is a solution to what we find missing in the industry. Both of us shop with something very specific in mind and when we realize we can't find it, we make it ourselves. 

We wanted to merge simplicity and minimalism with our love of statement pieces. We've removed the need to own 20 bags or 20 shoes; you can buy one of our products and have unlimited options and styles.

Can you describe the quintessential Miscere woman for us?

The Miscere woman is chic and savvy; a world traveller who appreciates the classics but always adds a twist. They have an aversion to limitation and a passion for design.

Your pieces have very interesting fabrics and silhouettes. How do you successfully achieve originality while maintaining versatility? 

With the nature of most of our products, the wearer can change out our intricate fabrics allowing for a truly versatile product and the ability to wear more unique textures or textiles without feeling limited. For example, The Flat (our interchangeable clutch) can be worn with a plain leather strap for a classic look, with shearling for winter and then a custom chenille letter patch band to make a statement.

Our pieces make traveling easier, small closet space more manageable and gives the freedom to try out a new style.

Can you tell us about your distinctly Miscere collection of shoe accessories?

We're very excited about the launch of our new shoe accessories, the next step in accessorizing your accessory. The collection is a mix of shoe charms, shoe clips & interchangeable sneaker tongues. We've always created our own bags as blank canvases for our textiles & embellishments. This time, we've decided to use everyone's white or monochrome sneakers as the canvas to our collection of accoutrements.  

We've fallen in love with the concept that with just a dash of a textile or charm, you can create an entirely new look. Our leather tassels can be stacked for a boho feel, while our leather tongues can be added in to any sneaker for a high-fashion street look.

In an age of the bespoke, we've created a way for everyone to create their own shoes with designer quality embellishments. 

What are some of your personal favorite pieces from the upcoming collection?

We're introducing a fanny pack with interchangeable features into the collection, as well as more exciting shoe accessories. I can't say more.

Where can we buy Miscere products? 


We can also be found at specialty & luxury boutiques like Satine in Los Angeles.

By Emily Allen

Photos courtesy of Miscere.