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Q&A with Rose-Marie Swift, RMS Beauty

Mable Yiu

Founder of an organic cosmetic line used by models and celebrities around the world, Rose-Marie Swift discusses the inspiration for RMS Beauty and why it is so important to check the ingredients list in both your food and make-up products.

By Mable Yiu

Mable Yiu: The whole glowy and dewy no-makeup makeup look has really blown up over the past few years. Did you predict this when you first started RMS, or was it something you had always been a fan of yourself?   

Rose-Marie Swift: To me the idea of glowing and dewy no-make-up skin always went hand in hand with my beauty philosophy, so the trend was really there the whole time. Timing just wasn’t right  for it to blow up.  The whole trend in clean eating for health stemming from the uproar over our chemical laden food and environment led the ground work for it becoming mainstream.

MY: I love how your products incorporate organic and moisturizing ingredients such as raw coconut oil and cocoa butter. What was the process like creating your own cosmetic line, utilizing specific oils and minerals?

RMS: It all started on my journey through my own body cleansing after I found out I had health issues stemming from a great abundance of heavy metals, chemicals and pesticides found within my system. I started a whole regime to purge my system and self-heal. One of the catalyst was changing my diet to a raw food diet. Through that I learned about raw oils, butters and their many healing properties, etc. I started slowly using that knowledge to mix my own products. With the help of a chemist friend in Canada whom helped me with the actual formula percentages, I was able to actually go into the labs with my own formulas that are now what we know as RMS Beauty.  It took many years and just as much time on research and experimentation but I am happy with the results.

MY: You have mentioned that you started an organic, healthy and pure beauty line due to some health issues you experienced in the past that were related to toxic chemicals found in every day cosmetic products. Where can people find more information about which ingredients are good or bad for their skin?  

RMS: The internet is full of great information as long as you know who to trust.  Also there is a site called and an app THINKDIRTY (to name one) which helps you to navigate the confusing world of cosmetic ingredients and grades the toxicity of some of these products on the market.

MY: If you had to choose one product to get you through these upcoming dry, winter months, which one would it be?  

RMS: My beauty oil for all of its skin balancing and antioxidants that protect the skin. I also have to add in my lip and skin balm for easy application and mobility (it just can be thrown in your purse).

MY: Where do you see RMS Beauty heading in the future?

RMS: Hopefully on its continuous travel upwards.

MY: What are your plans for this Holiday season, and what are you giving this Holiday season? 

RMS: I am going to spend my holiday in my hometown of North Vancouver Canada with my family.


Photos courtesy of RMS Beauty.