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New Music for Any Occasion

Mable Yiu

We’ve all had songs and artists that we absolutely love to listen to, but at some point, we still find ourselves looking for new ones. It’s inevitable: everyone likes to occasionally ditch their old favorites in hopes of coming across a newer, fresher sound. With so many options for how and where we listen to music nowadays, refining our preferences can be surprisingly difficult. We’ll help you out -- here are five fresh artists guaranteed to fit any vibe, whether it be a post-workout cool down or gearing up for a summer cocktail party.

Washed Out

If you’re looking for a calming, gentle, earthy playlist, Washed Out should definitely be on it. The band’s sound is a soothing combination of modern, alternative beats with relaxing, uplifting vocals. Listening to the band’s music is a highly sensory experience, as they frequently incorporate rich undertones which deliver an almost underwater-like experience. Some songs even include rainforest sounds which contribute to the band’s carefree aura. Some of our favorite songs include “Feel It All Around” and “New Theory”.


The name of the band is no coincidence; listening to the Bahamas will without a doubt make you feel like you could be in the islands. Tracks like “Lost in the Light” remind us of looking out on a tropical ocean as the sun goes down – sweet, calming, and great to fall asleep to. Consider incorporating this timeless sound into your next cocktail party or luncheon playlist. It’s sure to provide an effortlessly mellow mood.


This alternative Los Angeles band is the epitome of timeless, modern, and cool. Their songs often utilize melancholy or emotional lyrics with slightly upbeat instrumentals. This juxtaposition creates a variety of songs perfect for cruising in a car or improving a long day at work. Gentle, welcoming vocals make LANY perfect for subtle background music as well. Experience some of the band’s best work by listening to the tracks “ILYSB” and “Walk Away”.

Real Estate

If you were to strip LANY of its Californian vibe, you would have Real Estate. The band’s soft tones and happy melodies are sure to brighten up your day, no matter the weather. Real Estate hails from New Jersey and is based in Brooklyn, and its music definitely reflects the tranquility of the east coast. Try listening “Beach Comber” or “Talking Backwards” on a lazy Sunday or over a morning cup of coffee.

Sylvan Esso

A bit different from the others on this list, Sylvan Esso’s music is less acoustic and uses techno sounds to create a mellow but optimistic collection of songs. A mixture of synthetic beats, subtle drums, and angelic vocals makes Sylvan Esso a must-have for your next party playlist. The overall mood of the band could best be heard through songs like “Uncatena”, “Coffee”, and “Dress”.

By Matt Bernstein